First Look: Eleaf iCare

Eleaf has introduced a new product, the iCare and Heaven Gifts sent one for a Seven Report review. Eleaf describes the iCare as, “a compact starter kit with an internal tank and airflow system. It is quite simple to use for the automatic On/Off feature that initiates when vaping.”

The iCare is a compact all-in-one device with a 1.8 ml capacity and an internal 650 mAh battery that puts out 15 watts. Eleaf packages it with 2 1.1 ohm IC coils. There are no buttons, not even a fire button. To vape, simply draw on the top cap.

When vaping the indicator light will glow different colors to let you know the battery level. When the light is green the battery is between 100% – 16%, yellow denotes 15% – 6% and red is 5% or less of battery capacity. The micro USB port is on the bottom of the unit. When charging the light will glow red and go off when the iCare is fully charged.

To fill the iCare remove the top cap. Use the rectangular slot on the bottom of the top cap to twist out the air pipe. Pull the air pipe and fill the tank with ejuice, but don’t fill above the Max line. Attach one of the IC coils to the bottom of the air pipe, but be sure to prime it first by dripping a couple of drops of ejuice into the center of the coil.

You can adjust the air flow by twisting the airflow control ring at the top of the air air pipe. Then put the air pipe and coil assembly back into the tank and tighten it using the rectangular slot on the top tank. Put the top tank back on and you’re ready to vape.

With no buttons, no adjustments it’s pretty easy to set up the iCare. I filled it with ejuice and gave the coil a few minutes to become fully saturated. Then I simply inhaled and I was vaping on the iCare. To be honest, my expectations were pretty low, but I was pleasantly surprised. Vapor production was decent, especially for a device putting out only 15 watts. The flavor was identifiable but not especially bold. Again, 15 watts.

I’ll be using the Eleaf iCare extensively over the next week or so and then come back with a full, in-depth review. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when the review is live.

Thanks to our friends at Heaven Gifts for supplying the iCare for a Seven Report review. You can order the Eleaf iCare from Heaven Gifts here for $13.20. And they offer a package of 5 1.1 ohm IC coils for $4.25.

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