First Look: Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner

Coil Master has introduced another accessory to make life easier for vapers of any experience level, the Ultrasonic Cleaner. No matter how long you’ve been vaping or how you vape, as long as you use ejuice and a tank or RDA, the Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner is going to be very useful to you.

One of the few negatives to vaping is that gear needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, especially the parts that contain ejuice and come in contact with you mouth. Cleaning tanks and RDAs and other vape gear can be a time consuming and difficult job, especially with smaller pieces that are hard to get into. The Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner promises to simplify that process and do it better than most of us can do manually.

coil-master-ultrasonic-cleaner-with contents 600x600Simply fill the Ultrasonic Cleaner’s tank with tap water, put your parts into the basket and push the on switch. Three minutes later you’re all done, except for drying them off. High frequency ultrasonic waves vibrate the water, creating microscopic bubbles that get into the smallest crevices with a scrubbing action.

I took apart my SMOK TFV4 tank and VaporFi vSix Tank and put the parts into the Ultrasonic Cleaner. Three minutes later the parts were noticeably cleaner, especially the drip tips, which can really nasty from mouth gunk and condensation.

I have a lot of tanks just waiting to be cleaned. Over the next week or two I’ll clean them all with the Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner and come back with a full, in-depth review. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when that review is live.

Thanks to Coil Master for providing the Ultrasonic Cleaner for a Seven Report review. Coil Master lists the Ultrasonic Cleaner for $29.99.

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Order the Ultrasonic Cleaner from Coil Master.

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