First Look: 1963 Disposables

Vaporcade is a fairly new company. In October they launched a new line of disposable electronic cigarettes and cigars, 1963, named in honor of the year that inventor Herbert A. Gilbert invented and patented the very first electronic cigarette. In fact, Gilbert consulted with Vaporcade on the 1963 brand.

They’re designed to have the look and feel of traditional cigarettes and cigars, with a paper outer wrapper and “63” LED. The 1963 e-cigarettes are available in a variety of flavors, including:

Original: A bold, full-bodied flavor with caramel and vanilla and a spicy, woody finish.
Peace: A bite of juicy stone fruit with a spicy hit and soft end.
Menthol: Mellow, light and smooth. Minty refreshment with a super clean finish.
Honor: Fleur de Sel caramel and roasted citrus.
Love: Tangy berry with bright acidity, giving way to a slightly spicy finish.
Summer: Reminiscent of Sangria, this light burley leaf flavoring is complemented with the aroma of sweet grapes.
Winter: Mint tea, throat cooling, offering a smooth strong pull.

Vaporcade sent three packages of three individually wrapped tripacks, one each of Original, Menthol and Peace.

1963 original openFor this First Look I opened up and vaped one of the Original flavor 1963 disposables. The flavor wasn’t overwhelmingly tobacco, and it did have a nice spicy, wooden finish. The vapor output was in the light to medium range, about what I’d expected from a disposable of this size.

I’ll be using the Vaporcade 1963 disposables extensively over the next week or so and then come back with a full, in-depth review. And be watching for our First Look and reviews of the rest of the product Vaporcade recently sent, the disposable cigars, Vaporcade brand disposables and their Bean Leaf coffee. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll be notified that way then those articles and videos are live.

Vaporcade is offering a 10% discount to Seven Report readers and viewers with coupon code SEVENREPORT. That code is valid through 01/15/16.

Vaporcade provided the 1963 disposables for the purpose of a Seven Report review.

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Order the 1963 line from Vaporcade.

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