ePuffer Vape Mail

Seven Report welcomes a new product supplier, ePuffer. They contacted me earlier this week about doing product reviews. The package arrived very quickly. It included a wide variety of ePuffer products.

ePuffer Magnum Snaps E-Pack Kit: A cigalike kit with a charging case.

epuffer magnum snaps 01Magnum Snaps Sweet Sensations Variety Pack: Replacement cartomizers including raspberry chocolate mint, sweet cantaloupe, caramel mocha, watermelon mint, double apple and strawberry margarita.

Magnum Snaps Tobacco Variety Pack: Replacement cartomizers including premium tobacco, mirabella tobacco, belgo tobacco, 5X5 tobacco, lux tobacco and menthol.

2 Eco Disposable Cigalikes: menthol and mocha caramel latte.

epuffer robusto e-cigarRobusto Disposable electronic cigar

3 30 ml Bottles of ejuice:

Midnight Pleasure, a cotton candy and martini flavor.

Cassis, a blackcurrant and apple liqueur flavor.

Belgo, a tobacco flavor.

ePuffer mailThis is just a small sampling of the products ePuffer offers. I’ll do a First Look piece on the Magnum Snaps E-Pack Kit and then come back with a full, in-depth review. I’ll also be doing reviews on the disposables and each flavor of ejuice.

If you follow Seven Report on Twitter of Facebook you’ll find out that way when those reviews are live.

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Learn more about ePuffer products here.

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