Elusive Vape Mail

Abby from Heaven Gifts emailed me during the week between (VIDand New Year to see if I’d like to review the new WOTOFO Serpent 50W TC Full Kit. I said, “Yes!” and the next day I had a tracking number.

The DHL tracking website said the package would arrive this past Tuesday. When I left for the day job on Tuesday morning I reminded my wife to be watching for the DHL truck. I came home that evening to find one of those, “Sorry We Missed You” cards hanging from the door knob.

DHL must be hiring Ninjas for delivery drivers. My wife never heard a door bell or saw a truck, and my two dogs, who normally go berserk when anyone or anything come within 100 yards of the house, never barked.

At the bottom of those cards is a place for you to indicate it’s ok for the driver to leave the package on the next try without a signature. I filled that out and hung the card back on the door knob the next morning. But a little later my son dropped by, saw the card and figured it had just been left. He brought it into the house and put it on the counter, never noticing that I’d signed it.

My wife called me to let me know that we’d missed the package again, but I told her that was the card I had hung on the door knob and asked her to put it back. But she wasn’t at home when she had called. By the time she did get home the DHL driver had come again, leaving another card. But since it was the second attempt at delivery I had to go to the DHL office to retrieve the package.

But it was worth it. Heaven Gifts sent the WOTOFO Serpent kit and it looks like a fine piece of equipment. It includes the Serpent 50W Box Mod which features a 2000 mAh internal battery. It’ll fire in variable wattage mode and in temperature control it’ll work with Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils.

The Serpent Sub Tank is a top filler with a 3.4 ml ejuice capacity. It comes with a 0.5 ohm SSOCC coil installed and is compatible with Kanger OCC and SSOCC coils.

The Serpent 50W Box Mod is available in black, green, red, blue and silver. Heaven Gifts offers it for $61.80.

In the next day or two I’ll post a First Look at the WOTOFO Serpent 50W Full Kit. In that piece I’ll go over the specs and settings of both the mod and tank and then give the kit a first vape. If you follow Seven Report on Facebook or Twitter you’ll find out that way when that First Look is live.

Find out more and order the WOTOFO Serpent 50w Kit from Heaven Gifts.

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