Eleaf iStick TC60W Kit Review

iStick TC60W Kit













  • 3 Types of coils
  • Complete kit
  • Stylish looks


  • Temperature adjustment NOT single degree
  • Charging port on bottom of mod

Eleaf continues to expand their popular line of iStick mods. The latest entry is the iStick TC60W Kit which includes the newly upgraded iStick TC60W mod and the MELO 2 tank. Toronto Vaporizer supplied one for a Seven Report review.

The MELO 2 tank features a side fill system, with the fill port located on the side of the tank just below the drip tip. Hold the tank sideways and twist the collar until you hear a click. Then fill the tank and be sure to close the fill port. It has a 4.5 ml capacity.

Three EC coils come in the kit, a 0.3 ohm Kanthal coil (installed) with a suggested wattage rang of 30 – 80 watts. Then there’s a 0.15 ohm EC TC-Ni Nickel 200 coil and a 0.5 ohm EC TC-Ti Titanium coil. Each of the temperature control coils has a suggested max wattage of 60 watts. Be sure to prime a new coil before using it by dripping a few drops of ejuice into the center of the coil and on the ejuice flow ports on the side of the coil.

The iStick TC60W mod is powered by an external 18650 battery (not included). There’s a little notch at the bottom of the mod to enable you to open the magnetic battery cover. Inside the battery compartment is a little hole just above the negative terminal. Use a small tool to pop off the other side’s magnetic cover and replace the panels with optional multicolored panels.

You can charge the battery while it’s in the mod via the micro USB port on the bottom of the unit using the included charging cable.

The mod will operate in temperature control mode with Nickel 200 and Titanium coils with a resistance range of 0.05 – 10 ohm. In variable wattage mode it will fire coils with a resistance range of 0.15 – 3.5 ohm. The iStick TC60W has a wattage range of 1 – 60 watts, adjustable in 0.1 watt increments. The temperature range is 200 F – 600 F with adjustments in 10 increments and 100 C – 315 C with adjustments in 5 increments.

There are three buttons on the iStick TC60W, a fire button (located above the OLED screen), a power/temperature adjustment button and a menu button. Turn the mod on or off with five clicks of the fire button. You can rotate the orientation of the display by 180 by pressing both the upside and downside of the adjustment button at the same time with the iStick TC60W turned off. To put the mod into adjustment lock mode press the upside and downside of the adjustment button. This will keep you from accidentally changing your power or temperature setting.

To select your coil material, Nickel 200 or Titanium for temperature control mode hold in the menu button. Continue to hold the menu button to switch to variable wattage mode. In temperature control mode switch between temperature scales scroll the top or bottom of one to reach the other.

Enter or exit stealth mode by holding in both the fire and downside buttons simultaneously. In stealth mode when you vape the OLED display will stay off. To see current settings in stealth mode press the fire button once.

You can adjust the maximum wattage in temperature control mode by holding in the menu button and pressing the upside or downside button at the same time.

When you attach a new coil to the iStick TC60W it will prompt you choose “New Coil Up/Same Coil Down.” When you choose “new coil” you’ll want to lock in the base resistance of the coil. Do this by holding in the fire button and the upside button simultaneously. A lock icon will replace the ohm icon when you have successfully locked in the base resistance. Be sure to unlock the resistance when switching coils.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X iStick TC60W mod 
  • 1 X MELO 2 tank 
  • 1 X 0.3 ohm EC Kanthal coil 
  • 1 X 0.15 ohm EC TC-Ni Nickel coil 
  • 1 X 0.5 ohm EC TC-Ti Titanium coil 
  • 1 X Charging cable 
  • 1 X Pack of O-rings 
  • 1 X iStick TC60W manual 
  • 1 X MELO 2 manual

Performance: Eleaf has been marketing and improving both their iStick mods and MELO tanks for some time and the iStick TC60W and MELO 2 both perform well. Vapor and flavor production are respectable.

The OLED is sharp and easy to read. The side fill port makes for easy filling, but do it slow so you don’t slop.

Features: The iStick TC60W Kit has a decent feature set, including being able to fire both Nickel and Titanium coils in temperature control mode. The inclusion of three different types of coils is a nice plus. The optional colored side panels make it easy to customize the looks of the mod.

Two features cost the iStick TC60W Kit a little. First, the temperature control adjustment is in 10 F or 5 C instead of single degree increments. And the placement of the micro USB port on the bottom of the device means you’ll need to lay it on its side while charging.

Quality: On their own, both the iStick TC60W mod and the MELO 2 tank are solid, quality devices. The EC coils of the MELO 2 put out decent amounts of vapor and flavor. The mod is solid and functions well.

The only minor quality issue may be more of a design issue. The tank doesn’t fit quite flush on top of the mod. Given that they’re packaged together you might expect them fit a little better.

Looks: This is a slim, good looking kit. The curved sides of the mod make it very comfortable in your hand. With the 510 connector in the middle of the mod it gives the whole thing a very balanced, symmetrical look. And with the optional colored replacement side panels you can really personalize the look.

Price/Value: Toronto Vaporizer offers the Eleaf iStick TC60W Starter Kit for $54.99 U.S. dollars, $69.95 Canadian. That’s a pretty decent price for a complete kit like the iStick TC60W with three different types of coils.

I’ve been using it for about a month with a number of different ejuices. The flavor and vapor production are better than satisfactory and its small size makes it easy to stick in a pocket for vaping on the go.

Order the Eleaf iStick TC60W Kit from Toronto Vaporizer.

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