El Capognac EJuice Review

El Capognac

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Taste Authenticity









  • Authentic flavor
  • Taste is mildly sweet
  • Smooth vapor
  • Slightly fruity finish


  • Definite tobacco aroma may be objectionable to some

There’s something special about a good cigar. Especially a hand rolled cigar. They’re often celebratory. New dads don’t hand out cigarettes. No, the arrival of a new human deserves something a couple of steps above that, only a fine cigar will do. Cigars, by their very nature, aren’t to be rushed, so they often inspire quiet contemplation, relaxation, pleasure.

One of my most prized possessions is a Christmas gift I received from my son and his family several Christmases ago. A personalized humidor, filled with cigars that read “Pap Pap The Untouchable” on the band. I still have the humidor, and even several of those original cigars. I’ve since added more cigars to that humidor. For a short time it housed a few Cubans, though not for long as I smoked them soon after I received them.

SBV el capognac humidifier 02I’m not sure if it’s quality, scarcity, illegality or myth that makes a Cuban cigar taste so good. Whatever it is, there is nothing quite like smoking one. Since I started vaping I haven’t smoked anything, cigarette, pipe or cigar. But after vaping El Capognac from Stella Blues Vapors I did open up my humidor. That’s where I’m keeping that bottle of El Capognac, its flavor is so authentic it’s only fitting.

The Stella Blues Vapors website describes El Capognac as a “robust Cuban-type cigar eliquid. For all you vapor enthusiasts, the El Capognac eliquid tastes like and closely resembles a real Cuban cigar. Vaping on the El Capognac eliquid gives an experience of feeling like just getting kicked in the chest. Tasting like a robust Cuban cigar without all the harmful bi products and bad smell. With its rich vapor and smooth draw, it compliments the flavors used and is a must have for any tobacco connoisseur. You can even taste the cognac on your lips!”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level     6 MG
PG/VG Ratio      45/55

My very first ejuice was a tobacco flavor, and I’ve continued to vape tobacco flavored ejuice off and on ever since. They all have two things in common; a cigarette-like after taste and the aroma of tobacco smoke that, to some, can be a little objectionable. But El Capognac is different. No after taste. None. There is a tobacco essence to the aroma, but it’s mild. It is there though, so if you vape it, be aware that some sensitive noses may find that tobacco note objectionable.

The primary flavor, on both the inhale and the exhale, is tobacco. But El Capognac has a mild tobacco  taste, smooth and almost silky, it doesn’t overpower the way some tobacco flavored ejuice can. On the exhale there’s a fruity note, that cognac essence the Stella Blues Vapors’ description mentions. That’s what helps tone down the tobacco in the aroma. The throat hit is mild to medium and the vapor is smooth.

El Capognac is Poppa Stella's take on an Al Capone cigar.
El Capognac is Poppa Stella’s take on an Al Capone cigar.

Like a good cigar, El Capognac inspires a leisurely pace, contemplation and relaxation. I vaped it for two days and found myself loosing track of time during several vape sessions as I slowly inhaled that rich vapor, held it in for a moment, and then relished that fruity finish on the exhale. This is an ejuice that deserves your full attention as you vape it.

El Capognac ejuice is available from Stella Blues Vapors in 15 ml and 30 ml bottles for $9 and $15 or glass bottles in those sizes for an additional $2. They also offer 50 ml, 60 ml and 100 ml glass bottles for $23, $28 and $42 respectively. Nicotine levels from 0 to  24 MG are available in 2 MG increments. You can order El Capognac with a single shot of caffeine for $1 or a double shot for $2. Stella Blues Vapors offers all of their ejuices in a 45/55 PG/VG mix.

I vaped El Capognac in a Kangertech Subtank Plus on an Eleaf iStick 50 Watt. Stella Blues Vapors provided the bottle of El Capognac I sampled for the purpose of this review.


Order El Capognac from Stella Blues Vapors.

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