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Deluxe Sugar Cookie

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  • Lightly sweet flavor
  • Wonderful aroma


  • Like a true sugar cookie, the flavor is on the light side

Did you ever have a suspicion, a hunch, an inkling that something was going on that you weren’t quite fully aware of? The evidence, such as it was, circumstantial at best. Yet you couldn’t shake that nagging feeling that something wasn’t exactly as it seemed?


Let me give you a little back story. My wife and my mom are quite close. Over the years they’ve developed a very good, loving relationship. Part of the pay off for me is that they often share recipes. Growing up, part of our Christmas tradition was baked goods, especially cookies. My mother would bake a variety of them, but my favorite was always her secret family recipe sugar cookies.

Mom would mix up a batch from scratch and roll out the dough and we kids would take cookie cutters to the dough. All kinds of festive shapes, reindeer, bells, stars, snowmen and Santa. Then Mom would arrange them on a cookie sheet, slide them into the oven and in no time the whole house smelled like a giant sugar cookie.

When I got married my mother shared that secret recipe with my wife, and the tradition of Christmas sugar cookies continues in my home. My mother tended to roll out her dough a little thinner than my wife does, so mom’s sugar cookies came out a little on the crunchy side. The cookies my wife bakes are a little softer. But the flavor is the same, that unmistakable secret family recipe.

Deluxe Sugar Cookie bottleThe recent shipment of ejuice I received from Deluxe Ejuice contained a bottle of Deluxe Sugar Cookie. I couldn’t help myself, that was the flavor I had to sample first. And with that very first vape my suspicions were aroused.

I immediately called my mother, “Mom, have you been talking to anyone in Knoxville, maybe someone from an ejuice company?” I asked. She responded in the negative, so I pressed on. “Have you shared that sugar cookie recipe with anyone lately, or maybe left it laying around where someone could see it?” She hadn’t. She hadn’t even had that recipe out for years. She’s made those cookies so many times she does it from memory.

That left only one suspect, my wife. She likewise denied any complicity in sharing the sugar cookie recipe. I guess I have to chalk this one up to an amazing coincidence, cause Deluxe Ejuice’s Deluxe Sugar Cookie tastes just like those cookies from that secret family recipe.

Deluxe Ejuice describes Deluxe Sugar Cookie as, “One of our favorites here at Deluxe Ejuice! Nom-nom-nom-nom…ME LOVE COOKIES. Although Deluxe Ejuice is known for their fruity eliquid, give this bakery vape a shot. It’s classic homemade sugar cookies…just like your grandmother used to make.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level      6 MG
PG/VG Ratio        30/70

Deluxe Sugar Cookie has a mild, soft sweetness on the inhale. Not too sweet, just sweet enough to almost satisfy that need for something sugary but also keep you coming back for another vape. On the exhale that sweetness remains joined by just a hint of actual cookie consistency, the soft kind, with a whisper of vanilla in there for good measure.

The vapor is warm and smooth and the throat hit is mild. Deluxe Sugar Cookie has an aroma that’s uncanny in its similarity to fresh baked cookies. I got up early one morning during the sampling phase of this ejuice and was vaping away. When my wife got up she asked me if I was baking, that’s how warm and comforting the aroma of this ejuice is.

deluxe sugar cookie 02If you have fond memories of your mother, or wife or grandmother baking, especially during the holidays, then you really have to try Deluxe Sugar Cookie. I vaped it over the course of a couple of days and it was an especially delightful experience. I found it really good with a cup of coffee.

Deluxe Sugar Cookie is part of Deluxe Ejuice’s Deluxe line (going for a record here on how many times I use the word “deluxe” in a single sentence) and they offer it in 10 ml bottles for $7.99, 15 ml bottles for $8.99, 30 ml bottles for $10.99 and 120 ml bottles for $34.99. Available nicotine levels are 0 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG, 12 MG, 18 MG and 24 MG. And Deluxe Ejuice will mix your bottle in any of a wide range of PG/VG ratios.

I vaped Deluxe Sugar Cookie in a VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank powered by the VaporFi VOX II mod. Deluxe Ejuice provided the bottle of Deluxe Sugar Cookie for the purpose of this review.

Deluxe EJuice 01

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