Crucible Cream EJuice Review

Crucible Cream




Taste Authenticity









  • Creamy vapor
  • Fresh, authentic strawberry flavor
  • Complex blend


  • To get the most out of this ejuice you're going to need a TC mod

Simple does not necessarily mean easy. And while something that’s simple isn’t complicated, it can be complex. When it comes to tastes it doesn’t get much more simple than putting two flavors together. That’s relatively easy and straight forward.

Now the tricky part is getting those two flavors to cooperate with each other, to achieve a balance that allows you to taste each individual flavor, but also produces something entirely new. Something neither flavor could present on its own.

Forge Vapor has managed to blend two flavors, strawberries and cream, and create a complex taste sensation with their Crucible Cream ejuice. The Forge Vapor website says, “Accept no substitutes, Crucible Cream will take all the heat you throw at it, and return it with one of the most delicious flavors you’ll ever vape. It’s a light flavor at any temperature that perfectly balances that puffy creaminess with the tartness of strawberries for a magical vaping experience that can’t be missed.”

American eLiquid Store, who provided Crucible Cream for a Seven Report review, along with the rest of the Forge Vapor menu, and who carries the entire line, says, “A warm and sweet marriage of strawberries and cream that give you more strawberry at lower temps, and heavier, thicker cream flavor at higher temps.”

The Numbers As Tested

Nicotine Level      3 MG
PG/VG Ratio        20/80

Forge Vapor formulates each of its ejuices specifically for use with temperature control devices and to present slightly different nuances based on temperature. With Crucible Cream there is a very discernible difference at various temperature levels, yet it’s still the same ejuice regardless of how warm or cool you vape.

Both flavors, strawberry and cream, are present regardless of your temperature setting. But, as the description says, at warmer temperatures the cream note becomes a little creamier and more in the forefront while at cooler temperatures the strawberry is predominant.

No matter how you set up your mod, Crucible Cream is a sweet vape, with both the strawberry and cream present on the inhale and the exhale. But it’s not overpoweringly sweet. And the strawberry note is natural and fresh, not so much like the taste of a strawberry milkshake or strawberry flavored Nestle’s Quik.

The vapor is smooth and creamy and the throat hit is mild. Crucible Cream has a pleasantly mild, fresh strawberry aroma with hints of rich cream.

AES FV Crucible Cream bottle mineI vaped Crucible Cream for about three days and nearly emptied the 50 ml bottle. It seemed like every time I checked my tank it was almost empty. This is a very habit forming vape, light enough to vape all day and at the same time satisfyingly sweet, fresh and creamy.

Forge Vapor Crucible Cream is a must try if you enjoy fresh strawberries, either the actual fruit or ejuice flavors. And if you vape with a temperature control mod you’re going to want a couple of bottles, the subtle taste differences based on your temperature settings are amazing, and you’ll want to experiment for yourself.

American eLiquid Store offers Crucible Cream in 50 ml bottles for $24.99. Available nicotine levels are 0 MG, 1.5 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG and 9 MG. Forge Vapor mixes Crucible Cream in a PG/VG ratio of 20/80.

I vaped Crucible Cream in a SMOK TFV4 tank on a Kangertech KBOX 200 watt mod. American eLiquid Store provided the bottle of Forge Vapor Crucible Cream I sampled for the purpose of this review.

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Order Forge Vapor Crucible Cream from American eLiquid Store.

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