Black Note Vape Mail

I’ve been away from home for a couple of weeks, visiting family and attending a family reunion. When I got back there was vape mail waiting. It’s from a brand new review product supplier, Black Note.

Black Note makes tobacco flavored ejuice exclusively. Their mission is “to help create a smoke free world by providing the most authentic and enjoyable alternative to smoking.” All of their flavors are naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves. Black Note offers six flavors with available nicotine levels of 0 MG, 3 MG, 6 M.G, 12 MG and 18 MG and all varieties are mixed in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

Black Note offers each flavor in a 30 ml glass dripper bottle. They also offer three different sample packages of 10 ml glass dripper bottles. There’s the Classical Notebook with four flavors, the Instrumenthol five-flavor sampler and the Ensemble package which includes each of the six flavors.

Black Note Flavors
Quartet: Smokey and peppery Latakia tobacco blend
Prelude: Airy and bright Virginia tobacco
Forte: Rich and smooth Burley tobacco
Sonata: Robust and intense Cavendish tobacco blend
Legato: Earthy and nutty Italian Kentucky tobacco
Solo: Minty and crisp menthol blend

I received the Ensemble package and a 30 ml bottle of Prelude. In the next few weeks I’ll be vaping each Black Note flavor and posting an in-depth review on each individual flavor. If you follow Seven Report on Twitter or Facebook you’ll find out that way when those reviews have been posted.

You can find out more about Black Note, their story and each of their flavors here.

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